Peter Bacon Hales

Freeways, Now!

A book in progress:  an appraisal of the American freeway system as a cultural system.  Essays on subjects as diverse as the optics of high-speed driving and the epidemiology of the freeway intersperse with photographs.  The book is aligned along two axes:  Stuck/Go and Off/On. The picture immediately below is Go/Off:  someone moves across the landscape that surrounds the freeway.  The next picture is Go/On, given that it was shot while driving; it could by contrast be considered Stuck/On as a freeway fatality is the most immobile of subject experiences.

Homeless man living under the High Five, access road, Dallas

Fatality, rollover crash, Dallas, Sunday morning
Sideling Hill Service Area, Pennsylvania Turnpike.
Restrooms, gas station and convenience store, I-59 near Purvis, Mississippi
Red shrine to Interstate Fatality, I-59 South of North Picayune, Mississippi
​Shrines. Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Arizona, Michigan
 Roadside Evangelical Church, I-45 Near Palmer, Texas
Roadside Evangelical Church, I-45 Near Palmer, Texas

Miss Mississippi Records Promo for Miss America Contest Using Iphone and Selfie Wand, Scenic Overlook, Mississippi River and Highway 61, I-20 Bridge
Design Color and Decoration, New Mexico: I-40 and I-25, Albuquerque
I-90 West Onramp, Mass Turnpike, Boston, Massachusetts
I-40 East Onramp at Rte. 66, East Albuquerque, New Mexico
CB Shop US49 Along Quasi-Limited-Access Portion Near Florence, Mississippi
Restocking Vending Machines, Mississippi Welcome Center,  I59 near Nicholson, Mississippi
Entrance to Port of New Orleans and I-10 Bridge to East New Orleans, Louisiana
Drainage, I-25, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Mobile Home Squatting on Interstate Access Land Beneath I-10, New Orleans East, Unreconstructed Zone
Shrine next to Cashier's Station, Iron Skillet/Petro Truck Stop, I-10 Near Port Arthur, Texas
Camper Residence in Cruise Ship Parking Lot Under the Seaside Freeway, I-710, Los Angeles, California
​Jerry's Catfish House, US49, Florence, Mississippi. The owner reports 30,000 catfish meals served in a good week.
Birthday Party Picnic Table, Waterfront Park, I-20, Shreveport, Louisiana
In Traffic, Stop Light, Freeway Entrance Ramp, Location Unknown, Los Angeles, California
​Construction Detritus, Houston, Texas
Construction Detritus, New HOV Lanes, Houston, Texas
End-of-Week Inspection of New Concrete Pours, HOV Lane Construction, Houston, Texas.
First Commercial Lot off Freeway, Houston
​Hotel Room, Lake Havasu City, Arizona, South of I-40
​Hotel rooms:  Shreveport, Vicksburg, Baton Rouge, location unknown.